Discover the right method to attach grommets to furniture upholstery cushions


When it comes to furniture restoration, one of the key aspects is upholstery. Upholstery not only enhances the aesthetics of furniture but also provides comfort and durability. One important element of upholstery is attaching grommets to cushions. Grommets are small metal or plastic rings that are used to reinforce holes in fabric or leather. They not only add a decorative touch but also prevent fraying and provide a sturdy attachment point. In this article, we will explore the right method to attach grommets to furniture upholstery cushions, ensuring a professional and long-lasting finish.

Choosing the Right Grommets

Before we dive into the process of attaching grommets, it is crucial to select the right ones for your upholstery project. Grommets come in various sizes, materials, and finishes, so it’s important to choose the ones that best suit your needs.

Size: The size of the grommet should be determined by the thickness of the fabric or leather you are working with. Measure the thickness and choose a grommet that matches it.

Material: Grommets are available in metal or plastic options. Metal grommets are more durable and provide a classic look, while plastic grommets are lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

Finish: Grommets come in different finishes such as brass, nickel, or antique. Consider the overall aesthetic of your furniture and choose a finish that complements it.

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Tools and Materials Required

To attach grommets to furniture upholstery cushions, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Grommets
  • Grommet setter
  • Hammer
  • Awl or punch
  • Scissors
  • Marker or chalk
  • Upholstery fabric or leather
  • Thread
  • Needle

Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you have gathered all the necessary tools and materials, let’s walk through the process of attaching grommets to furniture upholstery cushions:

Step 1: Prepare the Cushion

Start by measuring and marking the desired locations for the grommets on the cushion. Use a marker or chalk to make clear and visible markings. Ensure that the grommets are evenly spaced and aligned.

Step 2: Create Holes

Using an awl or punch, create small holes at the marked locations. These holes should be slightly smaller than the grommet’s inner diameter. Be careful not to make the holes too large, as this may result in loose grommets.

Step 3: Insert the Grommets

Take the grommet and insert it into one of the holes from the front side of the fabric or leather. Place the grommet setter on top of the grommet, ensuring that it fits perfectly over the grommet.

Step 4: Set the Grommets

Using a hammer, gently tap the grommet setter to secure the grommet in place. Make sure to apply even pressure to avoid any damage to the fabric or leather. Repeat this process for all the remaining grommets.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Trim any excess fabric or leather around the grommets using scissors. This will give your upholstery a clean and professional look. If desired, you can also reinforce the grommets by stitching around them using a needle and thread.

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Tips and Considerations

To ensure a successful grommet attachment, keep the following tips and considerations in mind:

  • Practice on a scrap piece of fabric or leather before working on the actual upholstery.
  • Use a sturdy work surface to prevent any damage to the furniture or the grommet setter.
  • Consider using a grommet kit that includes all the necessary tools and materials.
  • Take your time and work patiently to achieve precise and accurate results.
  • Regularly clean and maintain the grommets to prevent any rust or corrosion.


Attaching grommets to furniture upholstery cushions is an essential skill for any furniture restoration enthusiast. By following the right method and using the appropriate tools and materials, you can achieve a professional and long-lasting finish. Remember to choose the right grommets, prepare the cushion properly, and set the grommets securely. With practice and attention to detail, you can master the art of attaching grommets and enhance the overall look and functionality of your furniture upholstery.

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